Auvidea J120 I2S GPIO voltage level stuck at 1.5v instead of 3.3v

Hey All,

I am trying to use the AUDIO_MCLK pin of I2S as a GPIO to trigger a iDS camera. I have tried this with the development board and it has worked. The GPIO mapping for AUDIO_MCLK is 396. I am able to access the pins and the pins do change states. But for some reason, when ever the GPIO pin is connected to a voltmeter / a camera trigger, the pin is tuck at 1.5v and doesn’t change to 3.3v (high) or 0 (low) when connected. But if i disconnect the GPIO and leave it floating for a second and check the level, it changes to the correct level. I am not sure what is happening. I have tried pulling the pin up to 3.3v via 10K resistor, but that didn’t work either.


Any help is appreciated.


Hi, since it worked on dev kit, you’d better to query vendor for the difference on this.