GPIO Output voltage low?

Hi, I’m trying to use the GPIOs on the AGX dev kit, but the output voltages I’m measuring are unexpected.
With the Jumper J514 was left in its original position, most voltages were 1.7V-1.8V, but with the Jumper moved they dropped to 0.9V. Also when switching some GPIOs back to LOW, they remained in HIGH.
I was using the Jetson-gpio python library. Some pins didn’t work at all and stayed at 0V.

Any idea what’s going on?

Here are the measured voltages with output set to HIGH and the jumper in the original (presumably 3.3v position):
38 -> 1.8v
36 -> 0v
32 -> 3.3v
26 -> 1.8
24 -> 1.8
22 -> 1.8
18 -> 1.6
16 -> 3.3
12 -> 1.6

11 -> 3.3
13 -> 1.6
19 -> 1.8
21 -> 1.8
23 -> 1.8
35 -> 0v
37 -> 0v

Sorry for the late response, may I know whether this is still an issue to support?
Any status can be shared?


Yes, the issue has not really been resolved. I worked around it by using the few pins that would output 3.3V.

In case anyone else encounters this behavior:
I saw the same thing when I followed a Jetson-gpio installation guide and added the udev rule. As per, this rule does not seem necessary any more for newer JetPack versions. After removal my voltage levels where back to 3.3V.