The voltage of all GPIO pins are about 1.4~1.5V, not 3,3v?

I am trying to use the gpio pins to control something,but the voltage of all GPIO pins are about 1.4~1.5V, but not 3,3V.
How to set the voltage of all GPIO pins to 3,3V or 5V?

hello neon-1004,

according to Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide,
may I know which port you’re used, is it J12, 40-pin expansion header?
thanks is the J12, 40-pin expansion header.According to <Jetson_Xavier_NX_Developer_Kit_User_Guide>,interface signal pins,all signals use 3.3V levels. so what is the problem the voltage of the GPIO pins are about 1.4~1.5V.

hello neon-1004,

here’s 40-pin header documentation, please check Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer.
this application note also work with the signals on the 40-pin expansion header on Xavier NX.

,so what does it mean?

hello neon-1004,

may I know what’s the approaches you’re used to measure the voltage,
FYI, GPIO is a logic output, and not intended for significant supply of current.

Hello JerryChang,I use multimeter to measur the GPOI voltage.I set the GPIO HIGH level voltage,sleep 2 seconds and then set it LOW level and sleep 2 seconds.The GPIO pin is not connected width any device except the multimeter.and we can see the voltage of the GPIO is jumping from 0v to 1.4~1.5v.

Please check the 40-pin header docs in DLC:

There are load request when measure the voltage, please use a oscilloscope to measure output.

ok.thank you for your answers!