AV1 using jetson orin forceIDR() and bitrate change not working?

struct v4l2_ext_control control;
struct v4l2_ext_controls ctrls;


memset(&control, 0, sizeof(control));
memset(&ctrls, 0, sizeof(ctrls));

ctrls.count = 1;
ctrls.controls = &control;
ctrls.ctrl_class = V4L2_CTRL_CLASS_MPEG;


        "Forcing IDR");


Same code work for h264/hevc?

Thanks for reporting this. We are working on the implementation. Will enable this in future release.

Here is a relevant topic:
AV1 encoder does not work rpc option for changing bitrate and framerate

Thanks for the fast response!
Can you share with ETA for the release with both/each one of the topics:

  1. force IDR
  2. Change bitrate

These are not supported in next Jetpack 5.1 release. Will be in future release.

Is there any patch for this issue?
It allso seems that since Jetpack 5.1 keyframes that previously matched by their large size are not keyframes now.
(There is also still an issue that keyframes are not marked as keyframes by Gstreamer we overcame this previously by decoding each frame with a decoder in order to determine its true type)

Is there any timeline for this ? or at least some hotfix or patch please.

Please check
AV1 encoder does not work rpc option for changing bitrate and framerate - #12 by DaneLLL

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