Backup and Restore not working for Jetson AGX Xavier


I am following the given steps in the README_backup_restore.txt to take backup and restore the image for my Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial. device.

The README_backup_restore.txt file is attached below for reference:
README_backup_restore.txt (4.4 KB)

There is no backup image file created under the Linux_for_tegra/tools/backuo_restore/images folder when I perform the workflow step1: “To create a backup image to the host storage”

I see only a nvpartitionmap.txt is created in the “images” folder and it has the below contents:


Any idea why?

I am attaching the log of the backup command as shown below:

Cloning_andBackup_Command_Log.txt (72.7 KB)

-e mmcblk0


-e mmcblk0p1

Thanks this worked.
I was able to successfully backup and restore back the image on another Jetson device.


After doing the back and restore successfully on one of the unit, I am facing some permission issues for some of the interfaces only this cloned unit.

The pen drive attached to USB port throws the below error and not showing the contents of the pen drive, when clicked on it using mouse.
( Note; we can access the contents of the pen drive from terminal logged in as root, )

Looks like some normal user permission issues after cloning. any steps to resolve this.

Delete the mounting point before backup.

Thanks. please provide the steps to do the same.
even mounting of SSD in M.2 slot is having issues.

Delete your /media/cabs5-willet/ and let the system generate it again.


  1. How to mount back this mount point again on the unit from which I am taking the backup?
    I will be deleting using “rm -rf /media” is this command fine.

  2. For other interfaces like M2., PCIe etc, should I do the same and delete the "/media/XXXX " mount points before taking backup?

  3. Please confirm once again, if these mount points will be auto generated normally on the restore unit after booting.

Ubuntu by default mount removable drives under /media/, so if there is some permission within this folder, you will have trouble accessing USB drives.
Please figure out it yourself. They are just some very basic Linux stuff.

Unmount the USB drive and delete /media/cabs5-willet/.
I think I have answered it very clearly before.


Even if they do not, the default mounting point doesn’t really matter.
You can of course mount USB drives under any paths you want.

One more query.

If I want to take backup again on the host PC, by using backup and recovery tool,
Does the tool itself delete all the old backed up files from the "Image’ and other relevant folders and backup freshly from the unit properly right?
Pls confirm.

YES. Of course.

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