Basic question...

Currently running a 780Ti with Ubuntu 12.04.

Can I install cuda 6.0 drivers and the run 780Ti graphics drivers simultaneously or must I drive the graphics off the integrated graphics feature on the Asus sabertooth motherboard, then install cuda 6.0?


Every CUDA installation requires a “graphics driver” to be installed as well.
You can run CUDA and graphics simultaneously, although you may notice some limitations around the running time of CUDA kernels, for example.

CUDA 6 requires an R334 driver, so make sure you are either using the graphics driver that comes with the CUDA 6 toolkit or an R334 (or newer branch) driver.

During the installation of a graphics driver, normally you cannot have X running on that GPU, so it may be necessary to shut down X while you are installing the graphics driver. And be sure to remove the nouveau driver if it is present on your system

Thank you txbob! I have installed the latest driver from nvidia and went through the process of shutting down X and installing through a terminal and blacklisted nouveau. It seems to work. I just want to check to see if the the cuda drivers can coincide together or would that cause major conflict. I can live with some limitations around the running time at this point and resolve that later if I need to. Thanks again.

Sorry, I know drivers can be confusing, but I’m not sure the “latest driver from nvidia” is the correct one to use if you want to use CUDA 6RC. Which driver version are you using?

If you’ve already installed the CUDA 6RC toolkit and are able to build and run sample codes successfully, then you should ignore this comment.