Beginner needs help assessing potential of Nsight Graphics to troubleshoot UE4 issue

I’m one of among 600 or so Unreal Engine users (this engine requiring Cuda) reporting issues in UE4 with D3D device being lost and 111 errors, a known bug at Epic that they’re very slow in addressing (known bug since 2016). I’ve all but given up on UE4, have done all kinds of testing and worked with techs at Nvidia, Boxx (PC manufacturer), Microsoft (to rule out system software), and Epic Games, though here again, nothing concrete is ever returned from them. My question here is if NSight Graphics might provide any insight into what exactly is happening, perhaps some kind of illegal instruction from UE4 that causes GPU to freeze and TDR to kick in and shut down either the game or the whole system. If this app does log activity from UE4, I’d need assistance with configuration and perhaps thrown a bone from there what might be gleaned reviewing the data. Thanks.


I’m moving this thread to the Nsight Graphics forum

Hi BenjyvC,

Great question. Device being lost can be a number of issues. What version of D3D are you using in your app?

Nsight Graphics could potentially help here. :)


Hi BenjyvC,

We just released Nsight Graphics 2019.1 yesterday that has a feature called Nsight Aftermath. It’s specializes in debugging the exact type of crash you are running into.

Feel free to download the latest version and give it a try!

Here is a quick link to get you started once you download:

Thank You SSchneider. I’ll pull this to the front burner when I come up for air. At the least, I wish to keep this dialogue going, to learn what happened here, which actually resulted in a damaged GTX 1080. I didn’t realize software could compromise hardware, but I’m certain this happened in my case, expensive learning lesson, but this isn’t all about my usage/system, Unreal Engine plays the gatekeeper role to moderate GPU workload, other factors, so it’s pretty complex in all. I’ll be back… thank you.