Nvidia Aftermath crash dump shows "shader object file not found" in Nsight

I’m using Unreal 4.26 and trying to extend it to show shader debug info in Nsight gpu crash dumps. I’ve been following the D3D12HelloNsightAftermath sample which works and shows the shader source and DXIL correctly. In UE4 I’m compiling all shaders with DXIL and dumping shader binary, pdb and nvdbg to separate folders and pointing Nsight to them but I get this error:

What do I need to do to have Nsight find the source and DXIL? Thanks

Thank you for your feedback on Nsight Aftermath. I discussed with our engineer here and we are wondering if you have the means to modify the DXC compiler flags used by Unreal Engine? We think that the UE4 shader compiler may be using some incompatible combination of flags.

Yes I’m using the source code version of Unreal 4.26 and haven’t made any changes to Unreal’s shader compilation code. Are there certain flags I should look out for?

Can we discuss more about the full list of DXC arguments that UE4 is using to compile shaders? Please email me at dwoods@nvidia.com

Are you still having this issue? If so please email me at dwoods@nvidia.com

Hi, I have the same issue but using a custom engine.
Did you find a solution to this issue?

We will need the DXBC files to help debug the issue. Can you send to dwoods@nvidia.com?