[Beginner's Question] Portable Visual Studio Project

Hello !

I have developed an path-tracing algorithm changing the path tracer example of the Optix Samples.
(it uses some other projects as well , sutil etc)

I would like to create a visual studio project that does not depend on the Optix-Samples and that can be portable, including all the usefull files and using nvcc without cmake , but i do not rememember how to configure the visual studio project properties in order to do that. I want to test it frequently of several machines. I would appreciate your help.

I use x64 windows , visual studio 2010 or 2012 (whichever you prefer)

Thank you !

Hi, have you taken a look at the VS2012 wizard? It might get you started on decoupling a sample project from the OptiX SDK

Which wizard do you mean ? (if you are talking about the new project wizard, i just installed vs2012 and there is no mention to CUDA/NVidia or anything relative)

Did you install OptiX 3.5? 3.0.1 doesn’t have it

i installed 3.0.1

So if i understood correctly i will install 3.5.1 on vs2012 and try it again ;-) thanks … !

I have OptiX 3.5.1 and VS2012 Ultimate Update 4 and there is no OptiX/Cuda project wizard. It checked all sections/subsections. I assume it should be in Visual C++ section.

Windows 8.1 x64 system.

Not sure if it matters, but I installed OptiX SDK in default location in C:\ProgramData…


Hi, did the registering process worked during the installation? Any error reported?

Oh, sorry for not checking back (I assumed I’ll get a notification in the email).

There were no errors during installation. Registering process of what? Something in the registry?

Generally SDK works. I wanted to check out what wizard generates because one project that I’m working on was crashing because of missing -use_fast_math flag for some *.cu files. I had to add it explicitly to command line options. I was surprised to see “Use Fast Math” toggle only in “Host” section of .cu file property page and not in “Device”. A bit off topic, but maybe you can comment on that?

Dear developers,
could you say when will the mentioned Optix project wizard for VS2013 (not only 2012) appear (Win8.1, x64)?

MSVS 2013 is not a supported compiler version for CUDA 6.0 and as a consequence for OptiX 3.5.1 or 3.6.0 as explained inside the OptiX release notes or the CUDA_Getting_Started_Windows.pdf documentation.