(Simple ?) problem with the Optix Wizard

Hello !

I clearly have not understood something that is probably fairly easy but nevertheless I need your help.
I am using VS2012 , Optix 3.6.2, Win 7 x64, Cuda 6.0

I have created a project in VS 2012 using the Optix Wizard template.
I have observed this : If you compile the deriving “optix_project” without touching anything then everything compiles and runs as intended. BUT if you make any changes e.g. add another .cu file then this file does not produce a .ptx file in the ptx folder but only a .obj file in the debug folder . And consequently it is not recognized. Even if you remove and then add again one of the original files, i have the same problem.

Extending this thought , when i replaced the original files in the template with my files to create my project then the .cu files did not produce a .ptx files and the program crashes…

Any help ?? What do i do wrong ?what should i change?

Any ideas ?

cant help u directly. i had trouble with it as well.
so i built a project in the OptiX-Samples project.
there u can do all with cmake.
add a new line in the CMakeLists.txt in the SDK folder.


make a PROJECTNAME folder in SDK.
and copied files from a sample in there(…/SDK/sample)

if u want to add some newfiles put they in the PROJECTNAME folder and edit the
PROJECTNAME/CMakeLists.txt. add there the new filename in the right line.

for me it was easier this way, cause i just want to extend a sample. u dont have to mass around with the project settings. the samples need the utli project.
i started to rebuild the project with cmakegui, but VS will automatically reload if changes are recognised in the CMakeLists.txt

hope i could help a little

I have done this but it is not viable for me to use the CMake . I need an independent project, but it doesn’t seem that optix wants to make this favour for me…

I also recommend using CMake. I have created an independent project and copied the relevant parts of the OptiX CMakeLists.txt to my own CMakeLists.txt.

+1 for CMake from me as well.

Out of curiosity, why? There is a nice CMake macro included in the SDK for building OptiX ptx files. It may help the problem you’re having.

oh nice - sounds easy. i ll try this when i have finished my codings. up to there it s nice to have the samples by side.

I need the project to be portable and with the use of minimal extra software that’s why i do not like the cmake solution.

UPDATE: i have created a custom Optix project of my own that seems to work now … i will keep you posted