Best choice of SD Card filessystem

What is the best filesystem for sd-card usage?
I what to save logfiles on it constantly.

Has anyone experience with it:

  • Manufacturer
  • Type
  • Filesystem

I can’t answer manufacturer or SD card model information, but you will want an ext4 filesystem on it (format a partition with mkfs.ext4, rather than formatting the whole device; use gparted or gdisk to partition). Most preformatted SD cards come with VFAT.

Thanks for your answer!

Does L4T (ext4) support “wear leveling” ?

I can’t say for certain, but I believe it is the driver to the SD card interface which provides wear leveling support (filesystem type should not matter for SD card life when the underlying physical interface device driver handles this correctly). I’m about 99.99% certain the device driver handles this issue without the filesystem type needing any such knowledge of the underlying storage medium hardware.

There are filesystem types which people defrag (e.g., VFAT) for performance reasons, and defrag does not apply on solid state memory…doing so would reduce the life of the SD card. ext4 was never defragged and never had fragmentation problems (you’d have to be about 99% full for any fragmentation to even start to matter on ext4) by its design.