Jetson TX2 SD Card Boot - SD Card Type (SDHC/SDXC UHS-II)

Dear Community,

I am researching the possibility of using a SD Card for booting.

A post on this forum mentions the maximum size of a SD card to be 2 TB

I am interested in knowing whether the TX2 supports SDXC UHS-II cards.
This post: Run Jetson TX1 from SD Card - JetsonHacks indicates a UHS-I type SD card. The tutorial is considered by this community deprecated, as it was written in 2017 and is for the TX1.

The reason we want to boot from UHS-II cards is the increased RW speed when compared to UHS-I.
It is indicated here that eMMC is significantly faster than UHS-I cards: Flash TX2 with SD card - #6 by AutoCar

I am looking forward to your reply!
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I could be wrong, but my understanding is that UHS-II works, but falls back to UHS-I mode. I’d also be interested in knowing if I am wrong about that.

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