SD Card limitations?

What if any are the limitations on the SD Card slot. I ssee that it has to be SDR104 Mode (UHS-1)
Is there any GB capacity limit?
Can I run a 256GB SDXC Card in this slot?


Yes, TX1 supports addressing larger capacity SDXC cards up to 2 TB.

Excellent, Thank you. My robot needs more storage for his brains :D


So to sum up: TX1 doesn’t support UHS-Ⅱ (FD156 & HD312), only UHS-1 (DDR50 & SDR50 & SDR104)? And there for only U1 Rating possible, but Not U3? The Speed class can go up to 10 and capacity up to 2TB.

Yes, TX1 only supports UHS-I, UHS speed class 1, speed class up to 10 and capacity up to 2TB.