sd card requirement

are there any requirement of choosing a sd card

I think UHS-1 or earlier…UHS-2 and newer likely won’t work. I have also had bad luck with generic brand SD cards when used as a root/boot device (the generic cards still worked fine for data).

Which one do you use,I need one surely can work.

I’ve found both SanDisk and Samsung SD cards have always worked for me. I have not found an ADATA SD card yet which works as a root partition, although they work fine for regular data.

is 128.256gb fine to use? did u try kingston’s sd card?

I have not tried Kingston SD cards, nor cards that large…but I suspect Kingston itself is good. What is the speed rating of the card? Does it call it UHS-I? UHS-2? UHS-3? UHS-2 and 3 won’t work. The devices of “class 10” and slower all seem to work within name brands (which probably all pre-date UHS-2). If you have a URL to the details of an SD card people might be able to comment in more detail.