Best option for multiple cameras

Hi everyone,

My usage requires 5 cameras to be operating at 30-60 fps, I previously had good experience working on a PC with Basler USB3 cameras but I don’t think the USB3 bus will cut it when it comes to performance.
Does anyone know if the line of Basler BCON cameras can work on a Jetson AGX?
Are there any other cameras with a global shutter that are compatible with the Jetson AGX? Anything but e-con (I had a bad experience with their products in the past)?


Basler BCON LVDS->Des->TI Ser-----TI Des->MIPI

Thank you for your quick reply!

What you offered sounds like quite a complicated system, do you know of a ready-made solution that allows the combination of RGB and monochrome global shutter cameras? I fear the bring up of my own MIPI/SERDES/camera combination will take longer than I can afford.
This is needed for a proof of concept and will be integrated in the future into existing systems

Sorry,I’m looking for a similar solution too.


D3 Engineering offers multi-camera solutions on Jetson TX2 and we will soon be offering a multi-camera solution for Jetson AGX Xavier. D3 is also part of Basler’s developer network so we can offer services to integrate Basler cameras and AGX Xavier if that is of interest.

Information on our RSP-TX2 Development Kit:


I just got two Intel RealSense D415 usb stereo cameras working well at 30fps, 1280x720. Each device has three cameras, two IR and one Color. The D415 has rolling shutter but you can also get the D435 which has global shutter. The cameras have a connector that can be used for hardware shutter sync across units to match up all the images in time.

The only trouble I have had with realsense is that the built in USB ports on the dev boards do not work properly for high-bandwidth usb devices. I had to get a PCI USB card RocketU 1322A and then they work fine.

e-CAM130_CUXVR is a synchronized multiple 4K camera solution for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier development kit that has up to four 13 MP 4-Lane MIPI CSI-2 camera boards.

Each camera is based on the camera module e-CAM137_CUMI1335_MOD, 1/3.2" AR1335 color CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor® and integrated high performance Image Signal Processor (ISP). All these four cameras are connected to the base board using 30 cm micro-coaxial cable.