Best Outdoor Camera for Jetson with Auto Focus and Auto Brightness Adjustments

would love to get some suggestions regarding the best machine vision cameras (specific models) we could use with Jetson.

I need to implement drone detection so the camera is facing upwards. The camera I currently have only works indoors. It may face an autofocus, but it doesn’t adjust its own brightness so there’s nothing that can be seen but just full white.

Attached is a sample image from a GoPro camera. I would love to have a camera that can do the same as that. Well, anything works as long as detection is possible or as long as it can give me just an image of a drone under that condition of the sun.

Suggestions will gladly be helpful. Thanks!

hello johnmel.bolaybolay,

you may contact with camera partners, please see-also Jetson Partner Supported Cameras for cameras supported by Jetson Camera Partners on the Jetson platform.

Do these cameras also have documentation or sample videos captured

please contact with camera partners directly. thanks

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