Best Practices for Utilizing Cameras in Dockerized Applications on Jetson Platforms

I am working on a camera application within a Docker container on Jetson AGX 32.7.2.

Before transitioning to a Docker, we had a systemd service that restarted nvargus-daemon.service before each run. This way we were able to reduce the “Failed to Capture Session” errors.

Switching to docker we no longer have our custom service running on the host and thus, are not able to restart it.

Is there a common way to trigger a restart of nvargus-daemon.service from within the docker?

It seems not possible to restart a system service within docker. Maybe you can try single process mode. Please refer to


        - The DISABLE_MULTIPROCESS option may be provided to use the single-process
         Argus implementation (ie. does not require nvargus-daemon service):
           'cmake -DDISABLE_MULTIPROCESS=ON ..'

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