Binding cloned prims to physics material in Orbit?

Hi! I am using Orbit to set up an RL environment and train agents in it, and I need to attach physics materials to my robots (gripper) and objects they are manipulating with. So both my robots and my objects are instanceable and are spawned from USD files using UsdFileCfg. I successfully created a material, but when I try to bind it using “bind_physical_material” function, it raises error, saying that prim at path “MYPATH” is not valid.
Can anyone help me with that?

Hi @phenomen21 - Can you provide the full log of the error?

Hi! I solved my problem using Material Randomization, which also offered me more flexibility.
Do you still need that error log?

If problem is resolved then no need to attach the log. If you find any other issues, then please reach out to us.

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