How to attach a PhysicalMaterial to a mesh

I have a mesh created with mesh = UsdGeom.Mesh.Define(stage, curPrimPath), and a physics material created with material = PhysicsMaterial(static_friction = 0.8, dynamic_friction = 0.8, restitution=0.0, prim_path=“/World/Physics_Materials/defaultMaterial”), how do I attach this material to the mesh I just created. Note I already made it a rigidbody with utils.setRigidBody(prim=mesh.GetPrim(), approximationShape=“convexHull”, kinematic=False) from omni.physx.scripts

Ok, this seems to work:
" stage = omni.usd.get_context().get_stage()
geometry_prim = GeometryPrim(curPrimPath, stage)

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