Black screen flicker in adobe flash applications, GeForce 940MX, kernel 5.0, 418.56

I use Arch, and yesterday update to 5.0.2 kernel version
My NVIDIA Drivers update to latest 418.56 version.
And I found some problem: In chromium (I also try google-chrome) with Adobe Flash Player PPAI (pepper-flash) I have some random black screen flickers. And this flickers affect only flash content, not all screen.
I try to roll back flash plugin, and nothing happens.
I also try to install different’s NVIDIA driver’s, such as: 390.116 and 410.104.
Unfortunatly, my previos version of driver not install in linux kernel 5.0 (modules not building, only new drivers modules build in kernel 5.0, I read this in NVIDIA Changelog for new drivers)

Can you help me?
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (378 KB)

Sounds rather compositor-related. According to the logs, you’re using compton, did you try a different WM? Please check if enabling prime sync improves the situation by using the kernel parameter

I write nvidia-drm.moddeset=1 in grub line config, also added (nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm) in mkinicpio.conf and regenarate image - didn’t help
I also try use xfwm4 wm, replace compton with another compositor - Xcompmg - flicker’s still here =(

Maybe it’s matter: I have switchable Intel/Nvidia graphics. On boot starts X server with integrated graphics, after this I login to 2 tty and run nvidia-xrun script, that loaded nvidia’s kernel modules via bbswitch

I found my old hard drive, booting from it, and in this parameters all working pretty nice
Chromium 69.0
Nvidia 410.57
Kernel 4.18.10

But, of cource, is not a solution of problem)