Blender 4.0 USD File MANGLED

Hi there!
I exported a Blender (4.0) file to USD within Nucleus. When I went to open in UNreal (connector installed), I see that the file hosted in projects has an extension added to it “MANGLED” Any advice on how to “unmangle” and export the file correctly?

Thank you in advance for your help.


@rizzimeta just curious what were your export settings? for repro purposes; because i dont’ think i’ve had that happen before. anything peculiar in your scene hierarchy that might cause incompatibility? if it’s scene related issue, you could try testing it with a simpler file to see if the problem exists.

@Simplychenable. Thanks so much for the fast response. Attaching my settings for your review.

Thanks again!

feel free to elaborate more on what’s in your scene in case it’s related to some type of incompatibility. in the interim, could you try exporting the USD file with a name that doesn’t have period in it? it’s a specificity that has tripped up other users in the past when it comes to naming convention.

Sure! I attempted to export the file with a non-period file name which provided the same result “Mangled” please see attached.
Overall, I have designed a 3D building in Blender which I attempted to open in Unreal 5.3 via Nucleus. Within, Unreal, I have established an animated character which I would like to place in front of the building. The attached represents the standard “Pipeline” method just so that you can visualize what I was shooting for. The building is untextured. :) Thanks again and please let me know if I can provide additional info.

i probably should’ve asked this first - which Blender 4.0 USD branch and UE connector version you are using? is it safe to assume you are using the latest on both?

Yes, I do believe (and hope) that I have the latest.

Blender 4.0 Alpha USD Branch (4.0.0-usd.201.1)
Unreal 5.3 (203.0.189)

How does this Blender export of USD look in USD Composer ? I would at least check the file with our own software, before looking at it directly in Unreal. So your workflow is “Usd out of blender with our connector >>> Usd IN to Unreal with our connector” ?

I am just curious as to your workflow choice. You are using Nucleus, but no other Omniverse tools ? Just trying to get a Blender scene into Unreal ? Before usd, were you just importing Blender assets directly into Unreal ?

You may want to try a USD Composer “pass through”. Export from Blender to USD with our connector. Open in USD Composer. Tweak and validate the workflow and file. Then re-save the USD in Composer. Then go to Unreal and import the USD file with our connector. That may cut down on errors, or at least tell you what the issue is.

Finally, my curious question is why Unreal and not USD Composer ? It needs to be an unreal project for a game ? If it is just for rendering out, have you not looked at RTX Rendering in Composer ?

@Richard3D. Thank so much for the question. The file looks spot on in USD Composer for sure. You are correct, on all accounts. The workflow is USD out of Blender, with the connector and USD in to Unreal with the respective connector. Prior to this, I was using Pipeline plug in, in order to push assets from Blender to Unreal. However, most materials do not make the transition. Not a big deal, however. With Nucleus, I was hoping to take advantage of the available materials, features in Exchange as well as streamlined connectivity with Blender to Unreal and Blender to Unity. I use all three programs regularly. Hope this helps and please let me know if you need additional info.

Michael Rizzi

Nucleus itself does not really help with materials as such. Just fyi. So if you are using Unity and Unreal, I am assuming you are in Game Dev ? Have you tried USD Composer ? What do you think of its realtime capabilities?

Yes, I been developing a new project which requires 3D character animation. I really like exploring USD composer and found the realtime aspect to be pretty useful. I will definitely have a look at where I can test animation within USD Composer as well.

Michael Rizzi