Blender display problem

I don’t known if it’s a blender bug on ARM or a Nvidia GPU driver bug.

When selecting vertices in edit mode, if the “Window redraw” preferences is set to “Automatic” or “Triple Buffer”, the vertex is selected but not displayed (they appear greyed). I need to select another vertex or move the view to see the change.
If “window redraw” is set to “Overlap”, “Overlap Flip” or “Full”, display is ok. All appear in real time.

The same problem appear when you open the menu or mode change. Menu doesn’t appear when you type SHIFT-A until you move the mouse. On mode change with the Tab key, the view is not redraw until you move the view.

For now, i’m using Blender with “Overlap” window redraw with great success. Awesome!

How did you launch blender at all?
The repository version continues to fail here?

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ blender
Color management: using fallback mode for management
connect failed: No such file or directory
Writing: /tmp/blender.crash.txt
Segmentation fault
ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ cat /tmp/blender.crash.txt
# Blender 2.69 (sub 0), Revision: unknown

I’m on debian and i’ve compiled it. It doesn’t work from the repository.
I’ll prepare a bugreport for the blender team for using the cycles renderer which work perfectly here.

If you need, i may try to make a howto for compiling it on the jetson under L4T.

A howto would be great!

Yes, I’d appreciate that, though I hope the repository version gets fixed as well - so please everyone report that bug as well (check peba’s thread on it).

I’ll write this howto next week for L4T.
I’ll try to see what’s wrong with the repo version.

I’ve made a bug report for the blender dev. Now, the git version support cycle rendering on the gk20a.

On my debian, blender work very well when compiled with “apt-get --compile source blender”.
I do not have the time to try with ubuntu, sorry.