Ubuntu Gnome 3.10 LTS 14.04 Redraw glitches with nvidia-340.29

Hi guys,

I’m on an Ubuntu Gnome 64bit system with 16gb ram and two gtx560ti in non SLI mode (one for displaying contents, one solely for rendering) and a haswel i7. Since I am a Blender dev and we switched to CUDA 6.5 a day ago I had to update the NVIDIA drivers to the most recent version via your deb package. Install went flawlessly but I have drawing glitches now:

  • When I rename a file I can see the typed in characters sometimes directly, sometimes after a sec.
  • When I scroll on websites I often see the contents delayed. So even if my firefox is already changing the cursor to a hand (while being over a link), the webpage content is displayed as if I would not have scrolled at all. When I scroll further or selecting text, it’s refreshing - but most of the time it’s one step behind.
  • Had it one or two times that firefox was flickering completely - was gone after resizing it.

The “refresh on text selection” is shown in the video I made with my smartphone… I’ll append it here: http://youtu.be/xDCg4vJ-1W4 The logs are here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93280964/nvidia-bug-report.log.gz

Downgrading to the 331 series completely eleminated the glitches.
If you got any tips, hints or instructions - comment.

Greetings, Thomas

Sounds like the issue I reported here:


Short term solution: Open nvidia-settings -> Power Mizer -> Prefer Maximum Performance
Works for the issue I reported at least. See if it helps.

Thanks for the quick reply! I will definitely test this out this evening - I did a downgrade to be able to work again. But I’ll update soon and report back here!

So I tested it now and have to thank you, blackout24. With the PowerMizer to max, everything is working alright. Apart from that, I tested it with several desktop environments now:

  • Ubuntu unity is barely usable: massive flickering, heavily deferred drawing (sometimes 4 or 5 seconds freezes)
  • KDE is seldomly affected: This could be because it challenges the gpu more and it’s therefore less likely that PowerMizer is stepping down the frequency.
  • GNOME: The problems from the first post.

The question I have now is how to proceed. Is this GNOMEs & Unitys business or should NVIDIA fix here? Is there a bug tracker where I could notice NVIDIA about the problems in different desktop environments?

Many greetings, Thomas

The fix is already in Gnome 3.14, which will be out in about a month.


That’s awesome - thanks for making me aware of it - fingers crossed that ubuntu is picking this version in the next release!

That’s rather unlikely. Ubuntu Gnome never shipped the latest version despite it being released about a month before the XX.04 XX.10 Ubuntu release.

I know… and nevertheless I hope the best ;)

I guess it’s because Gnome is released after the feature freeze window of Ubuntu Gnome, so they don’t include the new version.