Nvidia drivers causes the text to flicker in Gedit. (Video attached)

Driver 343.13
Ubuntu 14.04
Gtx 770
Dual Monitor setup (with 3rd HDMI connection for TV)

This bug has been present for a long time and does not only apply to the latest driver.

When using Gedit the text will sometimes flicker when using the scroll wheel on the mouse to cycle through the text. The only way to stop it is to single left click within the gedit window.

Unfortunately it does not happen all of the time so replicating might be an issue.

If you notice on the left hand side of the text does not flicker. The width is roughly the same as the gkrellm application that is running behind the window… Not sure if this indicates anything.

Video Here:

[url]- YouTube

(from Flashing windows on Ubuntu 14.04 with NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340)