Screen flickering and display corruption on Fedora 25

I have upgraded to Fedora 25 today. Unfortunately the display is unusable at the moment. The screen gets corrupted and flickers when moving the mouse, as well as when typing (each keypress causes the display to show what looks an old buffer content). I have made a video showing the behaviour:

EDIT: it happens on nouveau too, please delete the thread.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (77.4 KB)

Try switching to Xorg instead of the now default Wayland.

It was not that - it turns out the problem was caused by an old tearing workaround placed it /etc/environment:


The workaround hasn’t been needed for years. The bug has been fixed in gnome 3.8 [1] and GLX_EXT_buffer_age has also been implemented in nvidia drivers since 313.18 [2]. Unfortunately, I forgot the workaround and left it in place. The bug about the workaround causing carnage has been filed as well [3].