Geforce 750 Ubuntu 14.04 3.34 drivers: screen glitches in Firefox / Gmail

Good people;

I was advised on GeForce > Community > Forums > Support > GeForce Drivers to post here with my problem instead.

I have a brand new ASUS Geforce 750 running on an older Dell Optiplex under Ubuntu 14.04. The kernel is the vanilla 3.13.0-24-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP and this is a 64bit install.

Based on incorrect results with the nouveau driver, I installed the 3.34 drivers as per recommendations.

Things seem to work really well with one major exception - running GMail under Firefox (I know not the world’s most intensive graphics application), where I experience a screen glitching that looks to my very untrained eye like two different graphic planes are struggling to be on top.

The easiest way to describe this is that when I click on a particular conversation, then return to my Inbox, I see a rapid flashing between the list of conversations in the Inbox and the text of the coversation I was just reviewing. After a few tens of seconds, this problem seems to go away; also I can usually make it go away by switching to another Firefox tab and then back again. Without waiting for the problem to go away or trying to make it go away, the application is mostly unusable.

Here is the nvidia bug report:

I decided to try some different settings with the NVidia X Server Settings application.

The first thing I changed was OpenGL Settings > Image Settings, to High Quality. This had no noticeable effect.

Then I disabled OpenGL Settings > Allow Flipping. This appears to have made the problem described in my previous post go away.

So as to the problem reported above, I have at least a work-around.

Thanks in advance for any comments / suggestions received.

And finally, this “blitting instead of flipping” makes a couple of other problems appear.

The GMail combo box for selecting mail, contacts etc does not roll up again after selection.

Also, when the screen is maximized, it takes a very long time to repaint the tab bar.

But still more useable.

Still hoping for other suggestions / fixes. Thanks!


I think it’s because in newer drivers nVidia did some changes that started in 334 I forget exactly what… but it’s been discussed a lot in this thread:

This is a but in compiz ( ).
its been reported and being worked on.

It seems theres a patch from Nvidia but they cant release it becuase of licensing issues, they are supossed to be in talk’s with Nvidia to get permission to use it.

Oh btw theres a workaround for now wich you can find in the lauchpad bug.

MrTheSoulz, thank you so much for posting this information! I tried the workaround and it eliminates, or at least drastically reduces, the problem for me.

ThE_MarD, I will read the link you posted, thanks for that info.

Hoping that NVidia patch gets dropped in soon! Heck, hoping that the Nouveau driver supports this fine card soon!

For the benefit of anyone else reading this post and wondering why I am using this specific card, there are two reasons:

  1. it only consumes one slot on the rear of the computer (really!) - on my old Dell, the slot for the graphics card is topmost / leftmost and pretty much all 650 series cards (which work fine under Nouveau) won't fit in that situation; they need their own slot and one to the left/top, that second panel often having a DVI adaptor on it.
  2. it doesn't need additional power - on my old Dell, there aren't any spare power cables coming out of the power supply (good job there Dell), and the one option I have - the floppy - is already hacked to support my Xonar sound card...