Chromium Pepper Flash Full Screen Video Tearing Nvidia GTX 580

This problem has been plaguing me.

Around March of last year it was fixed. Then sometime around October the video
tearing started occurring again after an Nvidia driver update. I don’t have
driver version numbers, sorry.

I definitely believe it is an Nvidia driver issue. There is no screen tearing
on my late 2012 Dell XPS 13 Intel hardware with the same software setup and
open source Intel drivers.

Test video:

Chromium bug report:

My current setup:

distro: Arch linux 64bit
chromium: 23.0.1271.97
xorg-server: 1.13.1
linux: 3.7.1
openbox: 3.5.0
nvidia 580 GTX: 310.19
Dual ASUS 24" monitors: Ancor Communications Inc. VS248

Things I have tried:

I have attempted to enable hardware acceleration in /etc/adobe/mms.cfg, but it
seems to do nothing.

cat /etc/adobe/mms.cfg

# OverrideGPUValidation=1

Right clicking the test video linked above and selecting “Show video info”
shows “software video rendering, software video decoding”

Right clicking the video and choosing “Settings” and checking “Enable hardware
acceleration” has no effect.

“Sync to VBlank” is enabled in nivdia-settings, no effect.

Log output:

Same here. Pepper Flash is tearing.

Desktop effects / compositing needs to be disabled for this to show (because the compositor might do its own vsync.) In fullscreen, compositing is temporarily suspended, so in that case it shows in fullscreen. (In KDE, enable the “Suspend desktop effects for fullscreen windows” option.)

560 Ti, 313.19 (x86-64), xorg-server 1.13.1, kernel 3.7.1.

Is this similar to your issue ?

sorry I’ve accidently deleted the videos in my first comment but some other people posted their screens in that thread.

I don’t see any screenshots there. But the Chrome bug reports links to the Wikipedia article about tearing, with a simulated screen capture. This is what it looks like:

Since you said that people posted screens, this might be something different, since tearing cannot be captured in a screenshot. It’s an effect that manifests on the monitor and can only be photographed.

Look at 2nd page my post
there i have some photos of the screen
please notice the “dots” visible on the “bar”
most times its just a line, like if a vsync off problem

Yes, that’s the same problem. Except I don’t get the square artifacts. I only get the tear line.


It appears that if I navigate to chrome://flags/ and enable the “Override software rendering list” option I no longer get tearing. Somehow after Chromium version 22 some Nvidia setups aren’t recognised as valid system configurations for hw decoding.

OP - try this, it seems to be the Pepper Flash alternative to OverrideGPUValidation=1

Just got the email from the Chromium bug report. That worked like a treat. Thank you very much!