Looking to purchase GTX 780 Ti - does it come with the tearing issue?

I’m looking to buy the top-tier GTX 780 Ti card, however I’ve read that a lot of people are having tearing issues on the new cards. Would I be having this problem should I buy the latest nVidia offering?

Unfortunately it DOES SEEM so:

If tearing is important to you, i suggest yout to look at buying something else.
Geforces 460/560 seems to be unaffected by tearing.

On the AMD side, nowdays Opensource ati drivers works fairly well with boards <7xxx, you may take a look there too; check phoronix to see some benchmarks:

If you will run a compositing window manager then you won’t have any problems.

Otherwise it’s a hardware “feature” which affects all Kepler based GPUs.

Oh, so if I’m using Compiz, I’ll be fine? Even on unredirected fullscreen windows?

I don’t want to get an older ATI card - I’m looking for something top of the line. I also already have a GTX 560; I’m looking to upgrade.

Try any other computer running Kepler and Kepler and see for yourself.

I don’t have a compositing WM and tearing is very much here.


Yea it bad I have this 780 GTX Ti. It tearing every game I play. I feel like it is a process issue to much cuda core not enough MHZ or GHZ speed on the core from the GPU. Or they forgot the shader speed and moved on with the boost speed idea and the boost is what making it all chopped up. My two 480 GTX and my friends 580 GTX doesn’t have this issue. I try every driver there is. Even the beta. So I starting to give up. Every walls and corner of the texture in game are cutting in half in pisces. When you move around as slow or fast and it mismatch couldn’t keep up with detail of the game to have a one piece of a wall like it not fast enough to render to keep it all in one piece of a detail in the game. But memory is fast enough.

You’re getting tearing in games? Are you playing them in fullscreen w/ vsync on? That seems seriously wrong.

I was getting tearing in games too. Vsync is on.

Are you playing in exclusive fullscreen mode or fullscreen in a composited window manager?

Not sure if it is exculusive. Last night, I had xcompmgr running in the background when I activated the game. The game was fullscreen. I guess I would assume that it is running on top of the compisited manager.

yeah i got tearing problem form nvidia gtx 780ti . in-games i got no problem for now , i play batman , blackflag , splinter blacklist , bioshock infinite . when i benchmarking it appear severe tearing .

unigine 4.0 / 3dmark11 §when stock clock = minor tearing
unigine 4.0 / 3dmark11 §when OC = severe/worse tearing and crash .

when change monitor to ultrasharp dell it also appear tear when OC but much lesser . But still tearing :-( . i got 7870 also tear . 780ti is a very powerful card and nvidia please fix the driver .

mind me asking what are you using wine or crossover or something else to play these games ?

He is using Windows :-)

My good old 660 card, which is a kepler too, runs fine with absolutely no tearing when playing games with vsync enabled, even with undirected fullscreen. While running a compositing WM (kwin) the desktop also shows no tearing at all. And the latest incarnation of kwin maintains a steady 60 fps without eating up much system resources.

If I disable compositing, tearing is immediately visible, most notably while scrolling in firefox.

I guess rigelan’s and firdzy’s tearing is most likely caused by either overheating (=random throttling) or a bad power supply.

Full screen OpenGL with VSync on should be tear free (given enough horsepower to run at steady 60fps).

I am using seasonic 750 m-12 . Is this bring the tear ?

I am using asrock z87 fatal1ty killer , 8gb ram gskill . 4670k pros oc to 4.00

Mu temperature is at 72c when full load

I dint use crossover or wine to run games , just normal window 7 ultimate . Idk the crossover or wine . Never heard of it . I think my problem is because i use tv display not monitor . I never use monitor . I got 39 inchi tv philips i using that . I dont know whether the tear comes from bad refresh rate of t. I should try on monitor hoping the tears gone . I will consider buying dell ultrasharp 23 inchi . Or maybe you guys cab suggest a good anti lag monitor and very quality pictures . I am really disappointing with the tears , but it will never happen in games . Only benchmarking occur tears

Also I want to ask , i set all high ultra on assassin creed 4 blackflag , but when i turn high on physx it appearing tears .when off the physx it smooth . I always suspects the tv display lag input .

@firdzy: Tearing does always happen in benchmarks - they need to disable vsync to take any useful measurements, so tearing is absolutely ok there. Other than that, you are in the wrong forum, it’s all about not using Windows. Linux is a different OS with it’s very own peculiarities, and I suspect you problems are unrelated to the issues mentioned here.

@Birdie: It is even tear free if you can’t keep up the 60 fps - you will get 30 or 20 fps or another divider of 60, but without tearing.

If you enable triple buffering, you get the actual fps the card is able to run at - at the cost of some output lag and micro stuttering, but it will be guaranteed tearing free :-)

Wow, just wow, I didn’t know that.

More information here.