Screen Jittering with 334.21

Updated arch to 334.21 and getting jitter in firefox also menu buttons start blinking crazy fast.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (188 KB)

Same here. Firefox is unusable with this bug. Downgrading driver to 331.49 solved the problem.

Which firefox version? Can you post a screenshot please?

I also have this problem. I’m using Ubuntu 13.10 with Unity.

any solutions besides downgrading the driver ?

Then there is probably a different bug … do you see the same bug with 334.16 ?

On Ubuntu 13.10 here too, problem started with 334.16. Using 334.21 and still there. I only notice it in Firefox, everything else in Unity seems normal. The pictures in the link above from the arch linux forums are exactly what I’m seeing too.

Yes. Juttering and tearing in all apps when scroling. I also had tearing with VDPAU on 334.16, but that is gonne with 334.21.

When I reported this bug for the 334.16 Beta driver I just dug up the commit to clutter and rebuild my Arch package with this commit as patch.

Fixed it right away. Unity doesn’t use clutter? Maybe they use something in their stack, which has the same bug.

any solutions for cinnamon wm

Cinnamons muffin is basically just a mutter (Gnome compositor) fork still uses clutter. See dependencies:

So if you don’t want to patch it yourself install clutter-git from AUR. I have asked the clutter maintainer on Arch to include the patch untill the next clutter version is released.