Bluescreen on PAE patched IA32-based OS!!

PS:English is NOT my first language, maybe some grammar or word mistake!

Device: ASUS ROG Strix GTX1070 O8G Gaming
Driver ver:391.35(Last of IA32-Based software)
OS:Windows 7 SP1(IA32-Based)

For many reason, I can’t use AMD64-based OS, for example: program often crash when running on WoW64. Many professional people all know WoW64 on AMD64-Based OS still CANNOT take over IA32-Based OS. PAE is not a new technology, As early as the Intel P6 series, it has been developed 36Bit, and it has now developed to much higher 46Bit.
When I enable PAE technology on IA32-Based Windows7 with PatchPAE tools, OS will blue screen and tell me 0x00000116 error code and nvlddmkm.sys driver file error. When I remove my GTX1070 and install my old AMD R9-370 and install 18.9.3 driver, OS will no more bluescreen.
I understand that NVIDIA stopped developing IA32 drivers, but NVIDIA shouldn’t ignore our users who have special needs.I only hope NVIDIA improve IA32-based driver once more, to fix PAE problem.

我觉得这是不可能的事,我记得nvidia在2015年后的驱动就不再支持32bit PAE的系统了。