BlueSmirf Bluetooth wireless serial adapter for UART

While I am on the topic of connecting alternate UART solutions ( I thought I would also share an idea to add a bluetooth serial adapter for UART debugging and someone tell me if this is at all possible:

I actually have one of these bluesmirf serial modems and I would like to see if this concept would work.

Wire up tx, rx, gnd and vcc and then connect to the bluetooth adapter with laptop and com port is assigned then connect putty/minicom to the comport and fire up the TX1.

Does this seem to be possible for a completely wireless UART debugging solution? Here is the BlueSMiRF:

I have noticed that the Jetson TX1 will not display anything if the UART is connected but not connected to a PC.

That looks like it could work…and probably no level shifter is required when going directly to a Jetson serial console port since it is already TTL level (though it would be a good idea to verify 3.3V I/O, especially if any pull up resistor is needed).

So far as requiring connecting goes, UARTs of course need power…whether it gets that power from host or Jetson or an external power source is optional. Sometimes the order of applying power versus when software looks for hardware can make one scheme less troublesome than the other scheme.

For this solution I’m guessing you’d use software flow control.

Thanks for the reply linuxdev :) I will be also testing this concept at some point over the next few days and I will report back if it works.