the cpu is jetson tx2 file system ubuntu18.04 the bluetooth module uses ampak AP6275 ,It can successfully pair with the phone It can successfully send files to the phone But the phone cannot send files to AP6275 When the phone sends files to AP6275, there is no prompt on the Ubuntu system to receive files We can confirm that the AP6275 module is functioning properly I think it should be because the Bluetooth related tools on Ubuntu 18.04 system have not been fully installed Because I am using other systems, such as Debian’s Bluetooth, which requires pairing, trust, and connection for these three steps But on our current Ubuntu system, Bluetooth only has one pairing operation

Do you use Jetpack 4.6.4? 4.6.4 is latest version for TX2. If you use previous version, we would suggest upgrade and give it a try.

we used R32.7.4 sdk It should be the latest SDK Jetson Linux 32.7.4 is included as part of JetPack 4.6.4

Please share the steps for replicating the issue. We can set up developer kit + Intel 8265 and see if we can reproduce the same and investigate.

you can see 4th picture click connect failed

You can see that the device successfully sent files to the phone, but there was no response from the device when the phone sent files to the device

hello Is there any progress

Can you help guide me on Bluetooth issues

We think the issue is specific to the Bluetooth device. And we are setting up developer kit+Intel 8265 to test. Will update when there’s test result.


Please try this:
Ubuntu 18.04 unable send or receive files via bluetooth

Please launch Bluetooth Manager on TX2/Ubuntu 18.04. And the window should pop up. We have tried it on 4.6.4(r32.7.4) and it works fine.

Thank you very much. I’ll give it a try

The system has installed blueman and obexftp.

There are already blueman and obexftp in the system. After uninstalling and reinstalling, Bluetooth cannot be used at all device bluetooth still cannot receive files sent by the phone, and there is no prompt

We can see the pop-up window when bluetooth manager is launched. Please give it a try.

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