bluetooth audio on jetson tx1

I cannot get a bluetooth headset to work on a jetson TX1. It’s a Plantronic PLT_M165. It works fine with the TK1 and it works fine with a USB bluetooth device on the TX1. It pairs correctly and the headset reports phone 1 connected when pairing occurs. Pulseaudio shows the headset in it’s list of devices. However when I attempt to send or receive audio I no audio is heard.

I haven’t tried other headsets yet.

Hi cdb83,

Which image are you using?
Please also check sound setting. Thanks!

I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 with r24.2.1.

I believe the sound setting is fine since I can play and hear sound through other audio devices, plus sound to and from the headset works fine when the headset is connected to the USB bluetooth dongle.

The headset doesn’t work when connected to the TX1’s onboard bluetooth.

Hi cdb83,

We will tracking this issue and update result to you.

Please try following method.

1. For A2DP: Uncomment the lines as mentioned in the 2 files


 ### Automatically load driver modules for Bluetooth hardware
 ### Uncomment the lines below to load both modules to enable the A2DP bluetooth profile
 #.ifexists  -> start Here
 #load-module module-bluetooth-policy   
 #load-module module-bluetooth-discover
 #.endif   -> to here.
2. In file : /etc/system/systemd/
To be precise, change the line:
ExecStart=/usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd -d --noplugin=audio,avrcp

Make these 2 changes. Reboot and pair and test BT speaker. Please remember to select source in system settings->sound.

The 2 lines you mention had already been uncommented.

When I implemented the second change it made it so that my headset would no longer connect as an audio device. When I remove the second change my headset is able to connect as an audio device.

Remember that my headset (PLT_M165) works fine with a CSR USB bluetooth device. Audio is sent and received without any problems. However, the headset does not work with the TX1’s internal bluetooth device. I believe this means that there is probably a driver problem. I doubt that the configuration of bluetooth needs to be changed.

Hi cdb83,

We do have some implementation into bt driver between rel-24.2.1 and rel-28.1. Would you mind moving to latest BSP?

Hi WayneWWW

I did the same test on TX2 with R28.1, and the system is Ubuntu 16.04. I can pair and connect TX2 with my handset. The A2DP profile is work fine, but not the HSP/HFP profile. Then I got it partially working with the method in the following thread. But we still experience some white noise and delay with the new router setting as recommended. Please specify any changes to work it properly, thank you.


Broadcom BCM4354 This adapter may have wrong SCO audio routing. Use this command (as root) to fix the routing:

hcitool cmd 0x3F 0x01C 0x01 0x02 0x00 0x01 0x01

hi usaarizona,

The noise should be due to scanning and pairing. Does this still occur after pairing is done?

Also, I remember we don’t enable HSP/HF in our BSP. Need further check.

Hi WayneWWW,

Does nvidia enable HSP/HF on r28.1, r28.2 and r28.2.1?


Hi WayneWWW,

Does tx2 support HSP/HF on r28.1, r28.2 and r28.2.1?



HSP/HF is not verified by L4T. However, I am not sure about hardware capability. If you want to try, please remove hfp related item in ofono.service.

Hi WayneWWW,

Do you know how to remove HSP/HFP option and set a2dp as default in sound settings dialog?


Please refer to L4T document-> Bluetooth device setting.

Hi WayneWWW,

I followed the chapter you mentioned.
But HSP/HFP option still show in “All Settings->Sound” dialog.
If HSP/HF is not verified by L4T, please advise how to remove this option.