Boot device order

I would like to understand how to set default booting method to USB, and in case there was no bootable USB device detected, continue to run from eMMC.

Following l4t documentation, I have configured boot-order to “sd”, “usb”, “net”, “emmc” in cbo.dts, built DTB and flashed the board with -k CPUBL-CFG. But then, depending on the flash method it either boots always from eMMC (neglecting USB drive) or stops if no such USB device was found.

How to properly use boot-order property of cbo.dts file?

Thanks a lot!

I remember this feature only helps you to select which one is the external boot drive.
It does not have error tolerance mechanism.

I’ll check with internal team for more information.

Please refer to the cboot source-> bootloader/partner/common/lib/linuxboot/linux_load.c

Turns out it should support what you want.

I forgot to clarify one more thing.

What cbo can do is fetching kernel and kernel-dtb from either emmc or external storage.
This does not fetch the root file system.