Boot Jetson TK in console

Is there a way to boot the TK11 in the console without lightdm. I made the change I do on my other linux cards, chmod -x /usr/sbin/lightdm and now I can’t even log into the system.

Edit: I fixed the problem with a remote shell from eclipse, at least I can use it but I really want to use it as a console.

I have not tested this, but you should be able to add the word “text” to the kernel command line via the “APPEND” parameter in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”. Note that “APPEND” is just a space separated list of tokens, so at the end of the very long APPEND line (it may line wrap, but it is a single very long line) add a space then the word “text”, and reboot.

FYI, consoles are available anyway, e.g., ctrl-alt-F2, if all you want is a console but don’t care about GUI consuming resources.

That works, thank you very much. I want to implement my application on the console and it will boot without X.

Somehow I am getting the message on the screen: Setting up X socket directories. It must come from some deamon.

During boot console normally sees boot messages, and some processes which produce those messages are not done in a serial fashion…they execute at the same time as other software, including the console…so even though the console would be logged in messages would continue for those parts of the system still booting. There are probably a number of ways to not see those messages, e.g., the logging facility itself has configuration to be able to go to different places depending on log level or message type. I do not know if this is what you want or not, as I do not know if this changes serial console, but normally the regular text console (not serial) can have those messages stopped via kernel parameter “quiet” (if this silences serial console you’d want to find a different way to change this…I don’t know though how serial console changes with this option). In the same way as before when you appended “text”, you’d put “quiet” at the end of the extlinux.conf parameter APPEND. Otherwise you may need to change logging/boot messages in a more specific manner.