TX1 text mode

How did I start the TX1 with text mode ? I can not find the grub file in /etc/default,I modified the rc-sysinit.conf file but TX1 still start with X-Window。

Right now I’m not where I can look this up, but there is no grub in a Jetson since grub requires a BIOS…and of course, no Bios in a Jetson. You can pass arguments to the kernel just like grub though, edit the “APPEND” key/value pair in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf” (this is one very long line, don’t let line wrap fool you…breaking up the line would make it fail). I believe if you just add “text” to this it will start in text mode…there may be something else to do to make that work, but basically I think that is the starting point (you might also want something like “quiet” if you don’t want to see boot messages).

thankyou,I add text to the extlinux.conf file and it start in text mode

version : tx1 24.1

file : /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf

I have to /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf append = text file.
It can not boot to the command line.


A newer alternative to “text” on kernel command line is available for systemd type control (which is the newer way to do things in init instead of the old rc init files). That system is XML-based. Under systemd run levels are “target” entries. The target for graphical mode is “graphical.target”, the target for text mode is “multi-user.target” (there is a similar theme for services, e.g., if you serve DHCP, there is a dhcpd.service). Targets are “isolated” to achieve them, services are “start” or “stop” or “status” to control or view them.

On command line systemd is manipulated via “systemctl”. In kernel argument, systemd is is manipulated by “systemd.unit”.

To go to text mode and back to graphical mode on command line:

systemctl isolate multi-user.target
systemctl isolate graphical.target

For a boot entry APPEND value within extlinux.conf for booting to text mode:


Whether or not newer systemd is used depends on the distribution and version of distribution. It isn’t unusual for there to be a mix of systemd and older init files as a distribution migrates towards systemd.