TX2 How to change tty resolution?

I can’t find /etc/grub in L4T,is there has anyway to change tty resolution?
R28 (release), REVISION: 2.1

A desktop PC uses grub, which is a bootloader intended to run with BIOS services. Non-desktop architectures mostly don’t have a BIOS, and all of that functionality is custom to the boot software (there is no such thing as grub outside of the desktop architecture).

In the GUI typically you’d use “xrandr” to change resolution. Do beware that not all resolutions are supported on a Jetson which a desktop PC might support, e.g., no interlaced modes. Maybe you can describe what specific resolution it now uses, and which resolution you want? Also, when logged in to the GUI, post the output from the “xrandr” command (if, while posting the output, you highlight the output with the mouse and then click on the “code” icon in the upper right…which looks like “</>”…it’ll preserve formatting and add scroll bars to the information).

hello linuxdev,

sudo systemctl disable lightdm.service
sudo systemctl stop lightdm.service
sudo chmod -x /usr/sbin/lightdm

My TX2 can boot into text mode through running above commands,then the resolution is 1024*768.
I expect a smaller resolution.The cup usage is too high,while TX2 is remoted by teamviewer.

So far as changing text console resolution goes someone else will have to answer that. This URL mostly centers on X11, but does cover framebuffer some, and this may apply to some extent (the “fb0” content is framebuffer):

thanks for reply,i will study it