Breakpoints in 3.0

I have been developing under 64-bit Vista with CUDA 2.3 for months, and just yesterday decided to upgrade to CUDA 3.0. Though I can still compile and run programs, I can no longer set breakpoints in the code, even ordinary CPU code in my .cu file. The popup by the breakpoint says “No symbols have been loaded for this document”. Prior to upgrading to 3.0 I could do this without any problems. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I’m using the 64-bit Microsoft C compiler.

Just as a follow-up on this: I uninstalled CUDA 3.0 and went back to the 2.3 version. Breakpoints immediately started working again, so it’s definitely something related to the 3.0 version.

I’m new to the CUDA thing to and I can’t set any breakpoints in VS2008. I’ve tried both CUDA 3.0 and 2.3 on Vista and can’t step through any code. Does it need to be in a .cpp file?

I was able to set breakpoints in .cu files, at least for CUDA 2.3. You have to compile using either Debug or EmuDebug configuration. As far as I know you can’t set a breakpoint inside true GPU code; that’s what the emulation mode (EmuDebug) is for.

Interestingly NVIDIA has said that the emulation modes won’t be supported in future releases. Presumably they have some other way to debug this code ?!

EmuDebug mode is still working on 3.0, but planned to be removed in next release. Nsight is offered as debugging tool.