Bridged ethernet to infiniband switch. Possible to bridge on linux?

I have an Infiniband to Ethernet gateway switch [4036E] and some connectx-2 VPI cards. Is it possible to bridge the infiniband interface with linux bridges?

I know this question has been asked a lot… but usually the best answer is to use something like the 4036E, which I own.

My infiniband ports are communicating well across ipoib with my Ethernet network. But it seems impossible to create a linux bridge to use my IB port… My KVM guests rely on a bridged interface on linux to join my Ethernet network.

I have tried VXLAN but Im not sure i fully implemented it, nor that it would work to resolve this problem as I was still unable to communicate with a linux bridge to VXLAN over infiniband.

OFED drivers are not yet supported on Debian 10 and Im not sure any new releases will include support for the connectx-2 for eipoib.

I tried to put one port into eth mode but it never showed as active. Is it possible to communicate in eth mode connected to the 4036E switch to the connected 10gbe ethernet port on the switch?

Since my switch is able to translate the layer 2 traffic - is there not a simple way to bridge these interfaces?

Hope my question is sufficient. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Thomas,

CX-2 cards are EOL and EOS. In addition, we no longer support eIPoIB.