BUG Playing Cyberpunk with Nvidia 2060 SUPER + driver 455 (steam + proton)

I have render issues playing Cyberpunk and I want to know if the coming driver will fix it.
In my case, and I think with other players too, there is a lights/render problem in a mission (The Heist)
Just in case you don’t know what I mean I did a video:

There is any hope to play this soon?


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Cyberpunk with nvidia isn’t supported by steam. . . Yet. Only AMD

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I tested with driver 460.27.04 (Beta) (I think I installed well, it shows on nvidia-info & steam system info) and it still shows the game in black like before. Not sure what can be exactly :S

i can play a lot but till have random freeze. U should use steam beta with steam runtime in beta (or soldier i have put it both to be sure) nd use proton experimental u can find it under tool in steam

I’m sure is not for that. I have most of drivers and software updated, but some parts in the game have this behavior. It turs all black.

I found another place (Hotel NO-TELL):