[BUG] Saving Nvidia X Server Settings to an X configuration file breaks PRIME monitors

Hello, I was trying to fix screen tearing on my external monitor and has discovered that enabling “check: Force Full Composition Pipeline” has disabled this completely. However, when I attempted saving this configuration to an X configuration file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf , after the reboot my original monitor (one on my laptop) has stopped working after booting. I’ve realized that this is because it is a PRIME monitor and cannot be configured with nvidia-settings.

Still, I feel like running nvidia-settings shouldn’t then attempt to change the configuration of this monitor and shouldn’t prevent it from functioning. Is this on purpose or is that a bug? Is there a way to only apply the xorg.conf file to an external monitor and leave the PRIME display as it is?

I know that removing the xorg.conf makes the primary monitor functional but of course doesn’t allow for the configuration.

I have a dual boot system and would like to have the “Force Full Composition Pipeline” option enabled by default after every boot and without messing up my first monitor.

Regards, Alex

nvidia-bug-report.log (3.4 MB)

Please see this: