Build error for authentication required

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Workbench Version
[yes] Desktop App v0.44.8
CLI v0.21.3

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[yes] Local Windows 11
Local Windows 10
Local macOS
Local Ubuntu 22.04
Remote Ubuntu 22.04
I’m building sdxl-customization, but always fail.

Strange, I can’t seem to reproduce this issue. Can you try ssh’ing into the instance and pulling the same container? Let’s try and figure out if this is an issue with Workbench itself or if you are facing the same issues outside of Workbench as well. Assuming you are on Docker,

$ docker pull

If you face the same authentication issues, you may need to try a docker login

$ docker login
username: $oauthtoken
password: (your NGC API Key)

If that works, just configure your NGC Key inside AI Workbench as an integration and it will be used across all projects. Instructions can be found in the docs here.