docker pull fails from time to time with the error "unauthorized: authentication required"

docker pull fails from time to time with the error “unauthorized: authentication required”

Example of the output:

04:27:52  Step 2/29 : FROM${TENSORFLOW_NGC_IMAGE_TAG}
04:27:57  19.11-tf2-py3: Pulling from nvidia/tensorflow
04:27:57  7ddbc47eeb70: Pulling fs layer
04:27:57  c1bbdc448b72: Pulling fs layer
04:35:43  d890be368ea9: Download complete
04:35:45  56c5453f2a66: Downloading
04:35:45  8d1b2655539b: Waiting
04:35:45  bb3550725a1f: Download complete
04:35:45  unauthorized: authentication required

I’m having the same problem, but using pytorch container version 19.09-py3:

(base) ubuntu@ia-master:~$ time docker pull
19.09-py3: Pulling from nvidia/pytorch
35c102085707: Pulling fs layer 
251f5509d51d: Pulling fs layer 
8e829fe70a46: Pulling fs layer 
6001e1789921: Waiting 
109c7cec1178: Waiting 
2906f83900a1: Waiting 
9af7c8ddeb96: Waiting 
96b72bd0b6ef: Waiting 
c1f1269cea32: Waiting 
ee2e4283d3b7: Waiting 
99b65c823edb: Waiting 
49898793cb71: Waiting 
5f8b99d26794: Waiting 
88e5df0c1e64: Waiting 
bec87cd04ef2: Waiting 
dd813c462c2a: Waiting 
e1251080154d: Waiting 
4176db954fad: Waiting 
ce911f8856af: Waiting 
8c1b2a6d4d04: Waiting 
30db28533ac5: Waiting 
316700414cac: Waiting 
a8aac81f83b9: Waiting 
d4b845fc5e44: Pull complete 
9c15945d184f: Pull complete 
61bde3a2234b: Downloading  242.8MB/529.3MB
839973754f2b: Download complete 
a60f4429e76d: Download complete 
c14383d51475: Download complete 
4cd38074f4c7: Download complete 
215290032bcb: Download complete 
56fdc3720fdf: Download complete 
5a45c6f0e1e6: Download complete 
b902a9739bf8: Download complete 
8d665eb0d664: Download complete 
9f07b16748b2: Download complete 
f941786cdd90: Download complete 
bc6468cc622a: Download complete 
e63764dff447: Downloading  67.45MB/75.61MB
5ff59fe6cc02: Downloading 
fa3c6d9d0ab8: Waiting 
eeae3c0a1064: Waiting 
553748863fb5: Waiting 
94e17e2ff7e4: Waiting 
c6ba40d8cce9: Waiting 
81c468ef9313: Waiting 
24b4528be748: Waiting 
3c744d96603c: Waiting 
88342b2f9bcc: Waiting 
00be702c8815: Waiting 
ea54339e6b29: Waiting 
cfaac636a58c: Waiting 
37a81d649772: Waiting 
68afffb60c01: Waiting 
00fbc634d57f: Waiting 
d85ac88f532f: Waiting 
unauthorized: authentication required

real	20m23.697s
user	0m0.705s
sys	0m0.475s

Any updates on the issue? All our recent nightly tests failed with such error.

Hi there! I was able to finally finish the docker pull after running the command multiple times, even in parallel with another person, in the same machine. NVIDIA enterprise support couldn’t help me with this, this “trying over and over” thing is something that our admin found somewhere in the internet.