Build folder is not copied to kernel folder

Hello team,
we are using 36.2.0 buildguide for bsp development for orin nano with custom carrier board, we use NVMe for kernel and rootfs, after compilation and kernel module installation, there is am symbolic link created for build folder instead of copying,

build → /home/admin1/projects/EADEN/OrinNano/36.2/source/Linux_for_Tegra/source/kernel/kernel-jammy-src

after boot also it showing path for host sysytem folder from where the image is flashed to device,

any suggestions to get build folder copied properly.

Please build natively on Jetson so there is no link issue.

u mean, we have to build the kernel in jetson board only? we will be having memory issues right?

I mean, if you want so solve the link error, please build kernel directly on Jetson.
I don’t know what you mean with memory issue.

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