Building Simulation-Ready USD 3D Assets in NVIDIA Omniverse

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Many companies are embracing digital twins to improve their products and services. Digital twins can be used for complex simulations of factories and warehouses or to understand how products will look and behave in the real world. However, many businesses don’t know how to begin making their existing 3D art assets valuable within a simulation…

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been driving the development of our SimReady specifications internally to help users begin to understand how NVIDIA sees 3D content evolving to provide extensive value within Omniverse and the simulation experiences and tools you’re creating on top of the platform.

Having been involved in the 3D industry for a long time now, I want to start a discussion to help enable talented 3D designers so you can provide content that is immediately valuable for simulation, synthetic data generation (SDG) and more. Whether you’re an individual artist, or work for a company producing goods for manufacture, we would love to engage.

And as I learn more about various customer needs, I’m finding SimReady is an endless well of opportunity for creators, and this blog talks about the high-level ways we’re starting to consider the standardization of 3D asset creation (whether it comes from CAD/CAM tools or a DCC package like Blender, 3ds Max or Houdini) and how these 3D assets can be effectively leveraged within the Omniverse ecosystem.

I’ll be hosting a session and Q&A at GTC in March around practical SimReady asset creation and use within our simulation tools like IsaacSim, but would love to hear from you in the interim.

Let me know what you’re up to and what questions you already have around SimReady. We’re just getting started, so there is lots to explore and understand as everyone’s workflows and simulation needs are different.


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I think you are exactly right. A SIMREADY 3D Object WebSite would do very well andwill be the new population objects of the Metaverse.
3D objects with PHYS added and ready to be added to a world that will behave as it would in a real world. You are perfectly placed for this type of venture. Its like yoiu unconsciously choose all the right steps to be here at this time.
Get at it.
Sim Ready 3d Objects with varing levels of complexity.

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I am involved in the 3D industry and simulation twins for many years in industrial machinery equipments.

One of most challenging task is to convert 3d assets coming from CAD/CAM (pro-e /creo/ solidworks …) to 3D meshes , conserving frame orientations between the conversions
How do you achieve this task ?

Defining Collide shapes is a challenging process too.

Then, for some reasons, the final product must target a web application , from what I ve seen USD format is not web ready at the moment. How can it compete with gltf solutions?