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Currently, I am exploring Omniverse capabilities for creating synthetic data to train a deep learning model.

While there is extensive documentation, I am struggling to find a list with the available assets, that is, I cannot find the names which should be used for headless execution.

For instance, in Omniverse GUI I can find an asset called “Pallet_A1” which can be found here:

The problem is that “Pallet_A1” does not match the “SM_PaletteA_01” name and the same is true for the rest of assets found in Omniverse GUI.

Therefore, I would like to ask you if you can provide a list with the available asset names for retrieving them in headless execution.

Thank you in advance.

@gpapadopoulos i am just another OV user, and i am curious to know where you are getting that asset path from GUI?

in your example of pallet_A1, this is what i got: via the NVIDIA Assets panel:


to confirm, i dragged the asset into the stage and the asset path matches:

I cannot find the asset called SM_PaletteA_01.usd in the directory you specified.

the asset name and pathing seems consistent as well for assets from the SimReady Explorer.

I use Omniverse Replicator and I found the link ( in the “” provided by Omniverse.

I have already tried the link that you mentioned and it is loaded successfully, but the problem is with scaling (it is too big). I found out that there is also another pallet in the following link:

and when tried it (in the “” script) it is the in right scale. This is why I am looking for the assets available in the link .

hmm, i can look into that. in the meantime, i presume you are aware of the Isaac Sim assets packs from the OV Launcher?

(these replicates the assets from localhost and is designed for storage on a local system)

Yes, I am aware of that, but still I cannot find in these packs all the assets which are available in Omniverse Code GUI.
For example, in ISAAC SIM ASSETS PACK 1-3 I can find only two pallets, but in Omniverse Code GUI there are 3 different pallets and 5 different stacks of pallets.

i did some digging and here’s what i found (and you’ll have to excuse me since i don’t use SDG often):

the from the Isaac Sim’s installation directory shows the assets with the asset path as the following for me:

    "forklift": {
        "url": "/Isaac/Props/Forklift/forklift.usd",
        "class": "Forklift",
    "cone": {
        "url": "/Isaac/Environments/Simple_Warehouse/Props/S_TrafficCone.usd",
        "class": "TrafficCone",
    "pallet": {
        "url": "/Isaac/Environments/Simple_Warehouse/Props/SM_PaletteA_01.usd",
        "class": "Pallet",
    "cardbox": {
        "url": "/Isaac/Environments/Simple_Warehouse/Props/SM_CardBoxD_04.usd",
        "class": "Cardbox",

if you are seeing the same, those assets can be found in localhost directories (under respective Isaac versions you have installed):


these assets appears to be Isaac Sim specific (the same as the ones found in the asset packs) and are in a different directory than NVIDIA Assets, which is a more comprehensive list of assets found in overall OV platform.

the source file to these Isaac Sim specific assets were also set up differently including unit and material setup. the unit is primarily why you noticed the scaling issue. if i were to speculate, Isaac Sim assets were created earlier in the dev cycle to be shipped with the initial releases and the SimReady assets turned into an endeavor in which they started building onto and bolster the asset variety for Isaac Sim users with content releases overtime (the most recent update was back in summer of this year where they at least doubled the total asset count).

so what’s the difference between the two? for one, all of these Isaac Sim specific assets from the props folder were made using meter as default unit of measurement in their USD stage (indicated by the Meters Per Unit setting of 1.0):

second, notice the material on this asset and how it looks in viewport (the wood planks and the sides):


now, comparing it to the asset found in the NVIDIA assets catelog, the USD assets were mostly done in cm hence the scale difference you were seeing, indicated by the Meters Per Unit setting of 0.01:

visually speaking, the wood textures look more realistic and doesn’t have the darkening on the sides of the pallet.


since these assets were done at different times and, perhaps, for different purpose, the naming convention is different.

based on the above differences and notes, there seem to be a few things you could consider doing:

  • use the asset from Isaac Sim folder - you are limited in terms of asset variety; but you also don’t have to do any scaling to make everything consistent. the entire list of assets and names can be found be found in the props folder:

  • use the asset from SimReady library - you have access to greater amount of assets, but will need to adjust the scale of assets either programmatically or via viewport manipulator. you may also need to adjust code snippets found in the doc since you are sourcing from a different location.

  • use a combination of assets from both places - probably not the ideal scenario since you will have to keep track of asset naming convention, materials, etc. which may not be consistent with SDG snippets from the doc.

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Thanks for your responses @Simplychenable .
I have tried to rescale the assets found in GUI using “scale” argument in “create_prism” function, but the asset just disappears when using a combination other than (1.0,1.0,1.0), even higher or smaller.
Do you have any thought about it?

to reiterate, i am not a frequent user of SDG so my input is somewhat limited. but do you think knowing the API for create_prim would help?

I have read it but it did help me.
I will create a new topic about it.
Thanks again @Simplychenable .

i’ll let you know if i come across anything relevant.

Hi, give a look at the SimReady Explorer API

SimReady Explorer Developer Guide — omni.simready.explorer 1.0.22 documentation (

import asyncio
import omni.simready.explorer as sre

async def main():
	assets = await sre.find_assets()

# 1029
# [SimReady Asset]

Hi @dennis.lynch ,

I tried it but it cant find “omni.simready” . I tried it both in a script (similarly to “”) and in Omniverse Code (2022.3.3 version) Script Editor, but the error is the same: "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘omni.simready’ "

Also, I searched for “simready” in Window → Extensions but there is no such an extension. I search for it in Omniverse Code, Omniverse USD Composer (2022.3.3 version), and Isaac Sim (2022.3.1). I dont know if it is relevant but I use Omniverse Launcher 1.9.8.

Nevertheless, I managed to find the assets in Omniverse → Exchange → INDUSTRIAL 3D MODELS PACK .