How can I find an example file at the very first example of Replicator?

At 1.2.1. Synthetic Data Visualizer Usage Example, how can I find appropriate example USD file?
I cannot access ov-isaac-dev..... like the GIF example.

HaHa… I find it.

It locates at omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Isaac/2022.2.0/Isaac/Samples/Replicator/Stage.

I could get a clue from 3. Offline Dataset Generation — Omniverse Robotics documentation. I think it is better to modify it from Isaac/Samples/Replicator/Stage/full_warehouse_worker_and_anim_cameras.usd to omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Isaac/2022.2.0/Isaac/Samples/Replicator/Stage/full_warehouse_worker_and_anim_cameras.usd at documentation 1.2.1. Synthetic Data Visualizer Usage Example.

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