Confused about Replicator in Isaac Sim

Hello Everyone,

I am new in omniverse and I have spend that last couple of days reading and experimenting with Replicator on Isaac Sim. It looks like the documentation and examples found online (mostly on Nvidia resources) dont work properly.
For example the example here: Unleashing the Power of Cloud Migration for Small Enterprises | Digital States

Eventhoug, this is not from NVIDIA I have come across this method of randomly changing the position of an asset by defining the function (def gun() in this case), quite a lot. However, it didnt do anything the asset was not even visible.

Can someone explain me why this is the case and suggest some proper tutorials I can follow (interested to use Replicator programatically on Isaac Sim).

Thank you in advance!

@ioannisdem2000 i am just another OV user, and the instruction on that page is quite old. I would suggest checking out the official replicator doc pages (not to make it too confusing from the page you linked, the replicator versions may vary app to app, and I believe Isaac Sim should have the latest version at the moment):