Is there a way to randomize the placement of the texture on the replicator?

As title,
Is there a way to randomize the placement of the product tag texture on the replicator?


Check out the docs for our new Projection Materials and see if that would work for your usecase

Replicator Materials — extensions latest documentation (

Hi @dennis.lynchennis.lynch

Thank you for your ref, unfortunately I found that <rep.create.projection_material> API doesn’t work anymore.

are you using Composer for this? if that’s the case, you will need to install and activate the “Omni Replicator” extension.


and fyi - this extension should be on by default in both Code and Issac Sim

No, I used the scriptor to run in Isaac Sim.
(Already have enable replicator core extension)

IsaacSim might be on an older-version of omni.replicator.core, you can check in your extension editor.

The latest version of Replicator is released in the Code app, though a new update to Isaac Sim should be coming soon.

Hi @dennis.lynch
I still met the same error in Code App.

which version of Code are you on? i cannot seem to repro with Code 2023.1.1 and Kit 105.0.2


I executed it on Code App 2023.1.1 Beta, and It works.

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