New Release?


I am curious about the date for the new release of the replicator and which features it will (probably) include. Can someone give me an answer to it? Depending on the changes, I will wait for the release and save a lot of time.

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New release should be … imminent, with the update of Code. Don’t hold me to this, but I’d be surprised if a new version of replicator isn’t available next week. We’ll have a features and update list along with that release.

Hello, maybe are there any updates regarding this topic. Because recently the documentation has been updated, but the release has not happend yet. I would be very interested in using the new Replicator Materials and in particular the new Projection Materials. Maybe you can give a rough timeline on when the release is going to happen.

Thank you, and I am looking forward to your reply.

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@christof.schuetzenhoefer Its out now. Sorry for the delay from my initial estimate (that will teach me :D). @julian.grimm feel free to reach out to me on the material stuff if you’d like. The replicator materials is my area, and I would welcome any feedback or feature requests (you can also reach out to me on our discord server in the #synthetic-data-generation channel)

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Is the documentation also updated to the new release?

And is it possible to use the new replicator version in isaac-sim?

@christof.schuetzenhoefer Tutorial docs are updated, the API doc update will be going up shortly (today, I hear). I don’t believe the latest rep version from code will work in the current version of isaac - I’ll double check tho. My understanding is that the rep versions are dependent on the kit version, and kit in code 2023.1.1 is not the same version as the current Isaac release.

Edit: Confirmed. My comments about rep’s dependency being on the kit version is correct.

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Okay, thank you for the clarification!

@pcallender Thank you for coming back at this topic. I will try out the new features and if I have feedback, I will come back at you.

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